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There are two main sources of heat loss that cause high heating bills: windows and external walls. Old, single-pane windows allow heated air to pass right through, and the same is true for uninsulated or poorly insulated exterior walls. In fact, it is estimated that 1/3 of all wasted heat escapes through the external walls of poorly insulated homes. At TCA Rendering we offer state of the art spray foam and External Wall Insulation for Essex homes that all but eliminate this source of heat loss.

External Wall Insulation in Essex by TCA

All new homes built in Essex must comply with government regulations regarding insulation. While that type of regulation bodes well for the future, it doesn’t do much to address the majority of UK homes that were built more than 50 years ago when insulation was little more than an afterthought. That’s where we come in. We provide affordable External Wall Insulation (EWI) that is attached directly to the outside of your house, effectively cutting off ways for heat to escape and dramatically reducing the amount of energy you use.

The External Wall Insulation Process

Unlike spray foam insulation in Essex EWI is a fairly new process and not one that many people are familiar with. As the name implies this type of insulation is applied to the external walls of your home. In some cases, your home’s existing face will be in good enough shape that the new insulation can be applied directly over it. But in some cases, the existing material will need to be removed. Once the surface is prepared, panels of EPS insulation are attached to it, all edges and cracks are sealed up and a rendering layer applied over the insulation that is both flexible and weatherproof.

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There is no longer any reason to put up with a home that bleeds energy day and night. Both EWI and spray foam insulation for Essex homes will provide significant energy savings. To find out which process is right for your home get in touch with the pros at TCA Rendering & Insulation today by calling us on 01634 780890.

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