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The uninsulated home is one that loses heat to the outside at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated problem as the overwhelming majority of London homes were built more than 50 years ago when little consideration was given to the science of insulation. Today those homes are energy sieves that cost their owners hundreds of pounds per year in unnecessary energy bills. At TCA Rendering & Insulation we provide spray foam and External Wall Insulation in London that corrects this problem.

EWI and Spray Foam Insulation in London

Reducing the amount of energy your home gobbles up has benefits that extend beyond the savings it will produce on your energy bills. A properly insulated home is a more comfortable home. It’s also a healthier home. According to the UK Centre for Sustainable Energy people who live in cold homes are more susceptible to colds and flu and often suffer more heart attacks and respiratory problems than people whose homes are properly heated. Also, in many cases installing External Wall Insulation, or EWI, can also boost the value of a home.

How Insulation Works

Many people are familiar with the concept of spray foam insulation in London but not many have heard of External Wall Insulation. As the name implies, External Wall Insulation is applied to the exterior of your home. Sometimes the existing wall face is left in place and covered with the new insulation. But if the existing face is unsuitable for some reason it will be removed. Panels of expanded polystyrene (EPS) are then applied using a combination of adhesive and metal fasteners with a rendering coat applied over the insulation. An added benefit of EWI is that it can produce a welcome facelift for tired-looking exteriors.

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For high-quality EWI and spray foam insulation in London, TCA Rendering & Insulation are the company to call. Our affordable insulation services will quickly and effectively transform your drafty, energy-guzzling home into a model of 21st-century efficiency, while also making it healthier and more valuable. Get in touch with TCA by calling 01634 780890 to learn more.

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